US Study Advisor Services

US Study Advisor helps students like you in with every aspect of the planning process; choosing a university, colleges, boarding schools and major in the United States that meets your academic and career goals, guiding you through Direct Admission, Conditional Admission, Pathway Programs, and Scholarships while providing you with the necessary application forms to fill out, ensuring your application is complete, and submitting to the university on your behalf​.

​US Study Advisor is partnered with U.S. Colleges, Universities, and boarding schools to maximize Your chance of approval!

We have foreseen everything to not let you make mistakes in your applications. 

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Visa Services

Immigration Information

We look forward to having you join our community, and we know that the Visa process can be a little overwhelming. We're here to help, so please contact us if you have any questions!

After Arrival Services

Once you successfully received your Study Permit you can choose among US study Advisor’s after Arrival Services if you wish to have a smooth transition and settle easily into your new place of study. These services are completely optional and you can choose those you need. Newcomer students are not familiar with their new city’s local services and normally they overspend thousands of dollars on unnecessary things in the first three months of their stay in the United States.


Whereas, US study Advisor a U.S-based company we make sure to foreseen and provide A-Z services that you need in the U.S. Our services will help you to integrate into your new place of study and save your time and money;



Fees (US$)

  • Flight booking

  • Accommodation Booking

  • Airport pick up

  • Orientation

  • Bank Account Opening

  • Sim card

  • Transportation


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